Briefintroduction of 24 hours self-service library and e-book lending machine
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Briefintroduction of 24 hours self-service library and e-book lending machine

First, "24 hours self-servicelibrary" system function

"24 hours self-servicelibrary" system is based on RFID technology, automatic control technology,multimedia technology, computer technology and network communication technologyas the platform, the technology integration has become a complex distributionof city terminal or any place, can achieve real-time information and libraryinteractive 24 hourunattended intelligent library system through network. Thereaders can help themselves to manage, borrow books and return books in theself-service library. At the same time, they can also carry out multimediaaudio-visual resource on demand, electronic reading and so on. Have thefollowing eight functions:

1, self-help card function 2, self-helplibrary function

3, self-help book 4, self renewfunction

5, modify the password function 6,video surveillance system

7, security access control system 8,emergency intercom call system

It is the extension and supplement ofthe service system of modern public library:

1, make up the library closed limit.

2, break through the restrictions ofLibrary buildings.

3, save library manpower.

4, library services have been extended.

5, it saves the time and traffic costof the readers.

6, innovation of library service model.

Two, e-book self-help lending machinesystem functions

E-book lending machine is a set ofintelligent 24 hours self-service lending system, readers only in the terminalequipment through the independent client machine book borrowing scantwo-dimensional code can easily be downloaded to the local mobile phone book,offline reading. E-book lending machine, built-in 3000 authorized electronicbooks. It covers healthy life, literary classics, children's education, novelbiography, social law, management, inspirational, cultural, artistic,scientific, technological, literary, artistic, historical, geographical,philosophical, religious and other popular categories. Book resources maintain150 copies per month, and the background is updated continuously.

Lending machine to provide iPhone basedIOS system, iPad client; Andorid platform based mobile phones, tablet client.Support EPUB, TXT, PDF and other format files open. Text, pictures, zoom in andout. The reader has the functions of notes, annotations and bookmarks. Supportjump by book chapter. Smooth, simulated scroll, two reading modes. Night modesupport.

Three, distribution principle

To maximize the convenience of thepublic to borrow books, the focus of choice in crowded, convenienttransportation, easy to manage public places. For example, important trafficstations, central parks, large commercial streets, large communities,institutions of higher learning and so on.

Four, the basic requirements ofdistribution

The basic requirements are the powerand the network. 24 hours self-service library, covers an area of about 20square meters. For 24 hours, the books are kept indoors, covering an area ofabout 2 to 3 square meters (about an area of a vertical air conditioner).

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